Saturday, November 5, 2016

'Overwatch' developers discuss new maps and Arcade mode

LOS ANGELES - A lot of new things are coming to Overwatch in the near future, including the hero Sombra, two nw maps and an arcade mode, all of which will be shaking up the game as we know it. 

With so much change to wrap our heads around, Mashable sat down with Overwatch assistant game director Aaron Keller (who works as a level designer) and principal game designer Geoff Goodman (who designs and balances heroes) to talk about the new maps and game mode and how they fit in the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch Arcade

A whole new Overwatch game mode was revealed at BlizzCon Friday called Overwatch Arcade, which sends players into the fray in new ways. Similar to the weekly Brawl mode, the alternative game types will regularly rotate, but there will be a variety to choose from, starting with 3v3 skirmishes and 1v1 duels. Read more...

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Samantha Bee's 'Trump Thesaurus' is a colorful way to remember election cycle

As the election cycle comes to a close, we know there's one phrase you're dying to remember forever: "screaming carrot demon."

Fortunately, Samantha Bee has immortalized that epithet - alongside every other phrase she's used to describe Donald Trump - in a very thorough supercut called the "official Trump Thesaurus."

This will make for great reference material the next time you are writing a strongly worded letter to one of your enemies.

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Kelly Bishop on Emily's emotional journey and the joys and struggles of a 'Gilmore Girls' revival

When Kelly Bishop sat down with a group of reporters a Netflix junket in October the day after that perfect Gilmore Girls trailer dropped, the first question was the most important: What is with Emily Gilmore's jeans in the Gilmore Girls trailer?

“The jeans were great fun, they were really ugly jeans,” Bishop said, beaming impishly like her character does when she sees a plan come together. “I wear jeans all the time in real life, but those were like really funky, torn, not very good-fitting jeans. They were very comfortable, I can tell you that, and of course that's an amazing thing to see Emily in a pair of jeans and moccasins and a little t-shirt.” Read more...

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Will.I.Am transforms into Trump in music video supporting Clinton

With the media circus swirling around the Donald Trump campaign, you'd think there would be more pop stars coming out to comment on the presidential race, but musicians have largely stayed out of the fray. 

One exception, though, is singer/rapper Will.I.Am, who just dropped a song specifically addressing Trump's offensive comments regarding women.

The music video, posted by Funny or Die, is titled "GRAB'm by the PU$$Y," a reference to Trump's comments to Billy Bush that were captured on tape years ago and were recently revealed to the media. Will.I.Am appears in costume, dressed to look like Trump, and engages in a verbal back and forth with singer Liane V.  Read more...

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Australia's major airlines announce ban on Samsung Galaxy Note7

Despite the fact that Samsung has already decided to stop making the problematic Galaxy Note7, airlines continue to announce bans that prohibit passengers from bringing the device on flights, the latest being Australia's leading airlines. 

Virgin Australia and its subsidiary, Tiger Airways, as well as Qantas and its subsidiary, Jetstar, have all announced bans on the device, a rule that will begin on Sunday, Australia time. 

"This is due to concerns regarding potential fire risk from the device's battery after a number of incidents worldwide and follows a ban put in place by regulators overseas," reads the statement on the Qantas site. "The ban applies to devices being carried onto the aircraft, in carry-on baggage as well as check-in luggage. Other Samsung devices are not affected." Read more...

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Canada officially bans Samsung Galaxy Note7 from all flights

The problem-plagued Samsung Galaxy Note7 has already been banned from all U.S. flights and now the country's northern neighbor, Canada, has officially followed suit. 

Transport Canada, the country's official transportation organization, posted the notice on its website on Saturday, stating that the device is "no longer allowed in any aircraft effective immediately."

Like the U.S.'s Note7 flight ban, the Canadian ban applies to both carry-on and checked luggage. 

"‎Canada has one of the safest aviation systems in the world, and protecting the safety of passengers and flight crews is paramount," said Marc Garneau, Canada's minister of transport, in a statement accompanying the notice. "When notified of any potential threat to aviation safety, the government does not hesitate to take action in the best interests of Canadians." Read more...

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

'Gotham' mayoral race is basically a riff on the Trump campaign

"Make Gotham great again."

An approving crowd cheered for Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor as he remixed The Donald's campaign slogan at the show's New York Comic Con panel. Taylor's Penguin is running for mayor, and his candidacy, entailing a villain running for office, feels like a reflection of the real world.

"At this rate, Penguin looks pretty freaking good," Taylor joked. "Wouldn't you say? 

"I think the Gotham writers are writing our actual reality right now, and that's probably the scariest thing you could possibly imagine." Read more...

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